If you want to really treat your guests, then why not book our open bar package? An open bar is a great idea for weddings, birthdays and corporate events where you don’t want guests to have to pay for their own drinks. With this package, we ask you to pay a fixed charge per person. This price depends on the event and the drinks that you’d like to serve, so would be discussed and agreed with you when you book. You will be able to preselect the drinks on offer at your event. Guests will then be able to enjoy unlimited drinks for a certain amount of time – again this depends on your booking and could be anything from one or two hours or your whole event.

Open Bar/Cash Bar

Your guests are charged for their drinks, Our drinks prices are competitively priced and we offer a full bar menu ( tailored you’re your event and demographic- which we discuss with you) . We also offer custom cocktail choices to suit your guests tastes and preferences!

Pre-Paid Bar

Guests will then be able to enjoy unlimited drinks upto the pre paid amount over and above the agreed amount the guests can then still enjoy their favourite drink but will have to pay as they sip

***All confirmed bookings require a £250 deposit to secure dates